Watch a Preview of Anthony Bourdain's New CNN Show 'Parts Unknown'

November 14, 2012

CNN is finally releasing a few details about Anthony Bourdain's new show, which has now been given the title Parts Unknown. The series, which will premiere on CNN in spring 2013, is a weekend travel and food show.

"I am intensely curious about some places that are difficult. Clearly in the past some of the most exciting and interesting ones have been challenging for one reason or another," Bourdain said on Piers Morgan Tonight. "One of the shows I've been meaning to do for years and haven't been able to do is go up the Congo River and trace Conrad's trip all the way, as far as you can go. It is an amazing country, but security is a concern there."

Below is a preview of Parts Unknown, in which Bourdain talks about what traveling means to him while boating through a pretty gorgeous setting. Check it out below!