Orleans Bitter Aperitif Apple Ice-Wine

February 2, 2013

I think one of the most lovely alcoholic flavors that I've ever tasted is the Orleans Apple Aperitif comes from my friend Eleanor Leger in Vermont.  In fact between Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont, Barr Hill- also from from Vermont and Orleans apple aperitif, my taste buds have become completely in love with Vermont.  Maybe I should visit?  Is Vermont trying to tell me something? 

One of my favorite cocktails is the Negroni.  The recipe is simple.  1 part gin, 1 part Campari, 1 part sweet Vermouth.  That's it!  I played around with the Negroni today and found that the Campari is lovely and the usual London Style gin is beguiling.  What I didn't expect is that in place of the Campari, I used the new Orleans Bitter.  What is Orleans Bitter?  It it a combination of flavors from sweet to tangy to bitter.  The sweet comes from apple ice wine.  The tangy from red currants and the bitter from dandelion, gentian and finally, angelica.  All these bitter herbs and flowers come from Urban Moonshine (TM) also in... you guessed it...  Burlington, Vermont. 

I'm fortunate to have friends in Vermont.  I'm sure if I did a taste tour of the state it would be a buzzy affair! 

Today I played around with the classic cocktail known as the Negroni.  Named after Count Negroni - who liked his cocktails bitter and strong, the Negroni is a combination of sweet, bitter and strong. 

I have in front of my an additional ingredient.  That is Tenneyson Absinthe.  I did an Absinthe wash in my glass first.  Not that there wouldn't be enough alcohol.  I'm buzzed just thinking of this combination.  Be careful and you will be buzzed too.  Find the ingredients, like the Orleans artisinal cider made with care by masitre liquoriste Deidre Heekin, the gin made by Death's Door in Wisconsin and the Vermouth from Carpano Antica.  Make some filtered water ice using Mavea "Inspired Water"....  Stir your cocktail, DO NOT SHAKE IT... (don't make my mistake)

Find yourself a glass that you connect with and wash it with Tenneyson Absinthe.   Fill it with good ice using your Mavea pitcher for filtration.  It's worth it to use the best materials to make the best ingredients.  Your ice is very important.  Don't forget that.

Orleans Negroni(esque) Orleans, Death's Door and Carpano Negroni. 


2 oz. Orleans Bitter

2 oz. Death's Door Gin

2 oz. Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth

1 oz. Tenneyson Absinthe (the wash)

Mavea "Inspired Water" Ice


To a mixing vessel add the liquors with a handful of regular ice

Mix with a bar spoon to chill, not dilute!! (thank you to Chris James for giving me this 'heads up')

Pre-cool your rocks glass with equal parts Tenneyson Absinthe and water, then let cool- pour into your mouth (why waste good stuff?)

Pour with a Hawthorne Strainer into a Rocks glass with a couple cubes of your "Inspired-Mavea" Ice

Drink quickly then have another.  Drink quickly then have another!  Drink quickly and fall down!!!!   Be CAREFUL!!!

Danger Level 5 out of 5.  trust me.  really. 



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Come visit!!! Would love to introduce you to our Quince Splash (tm) while you're imbibing. ;-)