Nonni's Provides Guilt-Free Snacks with THINaddictives

July 28, 2013

It's often hard to please your sweet tooth when you're also trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and be careful of your daily caloric intake. Now, there's a new product from Nonni's called THINaddictives that lets you indulge without feeling all the guilt. 

The company, best known for their Biscottis, recently added a line of gourmet cookies to their roster. Each is made with antioxidant-rich ingredients, like almonds and cranberries, and come in 100-calorie servings. These are especially great for popping in your bag to enjoy as dessert after lunch. 

"Over the years, Nonni's devotion to quality ingredients and product innovation has produced delicious baked goods that consumers have come to love," said Patricia Wong Bridges, the brand marketing manager for Nonni's. "The introduction of new THINaddictives continues this tradition and provides a unique, thin cookie with wholesome ingredients that consumers can enjoy and feel good about." 

THINaddictives are available in four flavors -- Cranberry Almond, Cinnamon Raisin Almond and Pistachio Almond (my personal favorite). Each box sells for $3.29 and you can find them at select grocery stores around North America. 

They're delicious, low in calories and are actually kind of good for you, so what's the catch? The truth is in the name. These cookies really are addictive so the true test is seeing if you can stick to eating just one portion at a time.