The Molly makes Mussels more enjoyable!

August 11, 2013

I love mussels.  My favorite way of enjoying them is with Pernod and a touch of cream, shallot, leeks and always plenty of freshly cracked pepper.  Sometimes I steam my mussels in Belgian Beer with leeks and a hit of spicy hot Vietnamese Rooster sauce.  Unfortunately when it comes time to extract these succulent little mollusks from their shells, more often than not the sweet, juicy meat is still stuck to the inside of their compartment as if to say, “I don’t want to go!” 

For this I have a suggestion.  There is a product, new to the market that is called the Molly.  If you point your browser to the Walmart page, they are doing a web promotion named “get it on the shelf.”  What this competition does is to seek out the best new and innovative products and through a voting process; the product may (or may not) get on the shelf in a highly competitive process.

Not every product makes it onto the shelf at Walmart.  If you could imagine the plethora of SKU’s that Walmart carries, it’s pretty amazing that new products could come to market and be available to new customers in such a big way.  But first you have to catch the market’s attention!

But first back to the Molly, it fits into your hand easily and is shaped like a mussel shell.  You pinch one side against the other, while scooping out the luscious mollusk with a simple motion.  The mussel comes off of its tether and is removed intact!  No more broken mussels or snapped shells!  This is by far the most simple and easy method that I’ve seen to remove shellfish from their compartments. 

Mussels attach themselves to their shell by a very tough little muscle that will actually tear the creature right in two, spilling their precious liquor and the sweet flesh back into the steaming hot cooking pot. 

There isn’t much I can say about the ease of extracting your mussels from their shell other than if you have struggled with the removal of mussels for your favorite recipes, and then you would understand the importance of this product.  The best inventions are often the simplest ones! 

The Molly deserves your support!  Try one and see! 

The video is a bit stiff, but you’ll get the gist I hope.   AND please vote… That is most important!


“Peter and Joe invented a product they are selling (The Molly).  They need you votes for the Walmart on the shelf program

OMG - it got selected

The on the shelf program

We're inviting individuals and businesses to submit their products that they'd like us to offer to our customers. The multi-stage contest will include opportunities for the public to make their voice heard through online voting and will feature finalist entrants in an original web series. Winners will receive the opportunity to sell their product through and the grand champion(s) can additionally receive valuable marketing support. All contestants will get some free visibility, and who knows where that could lead!”


Please Click on the link and vote, and sometime- try your mussels with Pernod.. Like they do in France!