Holly Madison Launches Diet for New Moms

October 19, 2013

Holly Madison has teamed up with eDiets to launch a new post-pregnancy diet. When it came time for the former Playboy model to shed her pregnancy weight, Madison found that he most effective way was to change her diet. 

"I really wanted to eat more healthy while I was pregnant so I started reading a lot of nutrition books," she told People magazine. "It was really through diet that I lost the weight. I used to be the most unhealthy person. I would eat fast food every day because I was on the go. When you have someone else's life in your hands, you become more aware of nutrition."

The Holly Madison Diet gives new moms a customizable diet that allows women to tailor their menu to their own day-to-day needs. The diet includes an eating plan that involves nutritious smoothies and plenty of greens. This might not be the diet for meat-lovers because it focuses more on fruits and vegetables, with small portions of pasta.

Learn more about the Holly Madison Diet here

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