GE Cafe Refrigerator's Brilliant Lighting Makes Food Look As Beautiful As It Should

December 10, 2013

When I think back to the days when we didn't have cell phones I shudder. What did we ever do without them? When I think back to my old refrigerator with the two tiny light bulbs inside I wonder how did I ever live without my GE Cafe refrigerator? I didn't know what I was missing until I had it: lighting. And not just lighting, but brilliant, clear LED lighting. We can now see our food (what a concept) and it looks beautiful!

When I open our fridge it's like a mini Broadway stage. There's showcase LED lighting positioned throughout the interior, under doors, and numerous chrome pucks (little disks) angled perfectly to spotlight foods. There are five colorful LED lights inside the main temperature controlled food drawer (another feature we love!) and they change colors depending on the food type and temperature setting you select. Choose Meat (32° F) and the lighting flashes red. Beverages (34) changes to blue, Produce (36° F) is green, Cheese (38° F) is light blue, and Citrus (40° F) is purple. There are also two conveniently positioned LED lights in the freezer drawer, so no more lost foods in the deep dark abyss!

Food simply looks more fresh and appetizing in our GE Cafe. It's like opening the door to our own farmers' market every day!

Other great features? It's the first refrigerator to dispense HOT water! Learn more here. And, you can upload photos to appear on the beautiful LCD screen. Simply insert a USB memory stick to upload and photos will appear in a slideshow. Show photos of your family or the delicious dishes you create in your kitchen! (Check out all the cool features here).

In the market for a new fridge? Check out the GE Café French Door Refrigerator (you can buy on Amazon and save a few bucks). It gets two thumbs up from us!

Editorial disclosure: Foodista received a complimentary model of this refrigerator from GE Appliances in exchange for our honest review. We sincerely love this fridge so much that we remodeled our 1928 kitchen in order to accommodate it.