Foodborne Sickness: An Infographic On Top Causes And Recall Costs

June 5, 2014

The threat of food-based illness looms always over the food industry, and in recent years there have been a number of major recalls that have made the news.

But, while all can agree that it's a terrible thing for a company to have to recall it's products, not many of us actually know the true cost or issues surrounding keeping the food we eat safe and clean.


For instance, the production lines alone that go into producing just a single product involve hundreds of people working with the ingredients and raw foods that go into the finished product.

And, while of course a boat load of precautions are always made to ensure the continued safety and sanitary environment of the production floor, accidents and poor employees/management can and will happen.

The only reason the food industry is always in the limelight so often about these things is that if someone loses a band-aid in a box of legos no one has the chance of eating it afterwards.


  The infographic embedded below is a shorter one, but it contains a lot of information on food-born sickness and food safety, as well as a nifty little bunch of blurbs at the bottom about just how hard it is for a company to actually issue a recall.




Foodborne Illness

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