Radical Rainbow Crepe Cake

June 8, 2014

Everyone loves rainbow foods. Add to that, healthy, tasty, easy, fun, and you have yourself a radical rainbow crepe cake. There is so much to love about this recipe, I don't know where to start. My favorite part is that crepes are a great foil for this tasty dish. Layers that are light-as-air, colored in all the brightness of a rainbow, are layered with delicious yogurt between. The recipe maker; Girl Versus Dough, suggests Yoplait Whips, but any favorite yogurt can be used.

The crepes are actually made from Bisquick. It couldn't be any easier. 

Just imagine this beautiful dessert covered with fresh raspberries or strawberries. A true summer dessert that would look festive on a birthday table, as well as it would a dinner party.  It's certainly going to be a family favorite that you can feel good about making. For recipe instructions, click here.




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