Food in Tins

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June 12, 2014

The food movement is one that we just love to see. It highlights the goodness of tasty, local foods, made at home. We at Foodista embrace the local food trend. We love to highlight the local food producers and ingenious recipes that seem to get better and better over time. 

Having said that, we also love making recipes that are easy. That's why we love food in tins. The whole idea behind food in tins (specifically muffin tins), is that each cup of the tin is a single portion of delicious bites. By using a basic recipe, and changing the ingredients with seasonal foods, you can create different recipes with very little effort.

We have plenty of recipes in the archives, showing you how to make sweet to savory, healthy to completely indulgent, foods. The basic Food in Tins recipe is simple: 

  • Line the tins
  • Mix up something to pour into said tins
  • Plop in the extra goodies
  • Bake

Sound too simple? It is! Here are some ideas for foods that can be made right in the muffin tin. They all travel well, and work perfectly for any lunches you are packing. Let's get started: 

Line your tins with any of the following ingredients: 


Deli ham 

Rice tortilla cut to fit

Won Ton wrappers

Biscuit dough

Pie crust

Puff pastry

Then, your filling:

We prefer the egg to milk ratio (3-1) blended until smooth

Finally, the goodies

Chunks of cheese




Bake at 350 for 20 minutes and allow to cool for a couple of minutes for safety reasons. 


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