Surprise Star Spangled Cookies are a Fun 4th of July Treat

July 2, 2014

Stars and stripes. Red, white, and blue. An American flag. These are colors, shapes and themes that inspire our Independence day menus.  These surprise star spangled cookies from Better Homes and Gardens are a fun 4th of July treat that should make the cut.  Three blue and white sugar cookies are stacked together to conceal a surprise that is only revealed once you take a bite.

To create the striped effect, white sugar cookie dough and blue sugar cookie dough are stacked on top of one another until there are thirteen alternating layers.  The dough is then cut vertically, approximately 1/4 inch thick, so that you can cut the dough with a star cookie cutter. 

The surprise star cookies are hiding red sanding sugar inside so that when broken, the sugar will resemble the fireworks bursting in the sky.  You can also use Pop Rocks or mini candy coated chocolate candies too.

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