2 Savory Creme Brulee Recipes

July 14, 2014

Creme brulee - the classic French custard with a caramelized sugar topping is one of my all time favorite desserts.  While I adore the sweet version with chocolate or fresh berries, I've recently discovered the pleasures of savory creme brulee.  It contains that quintessential creaminess that creme brulee is known for but with an edge of umami.  Think of it as a crust-less quiche with a milder egg flavor.

Savory creme brulees can be simple five ingredient custards served as an amuse bouche to tantalize your taste buds.  If you prefer them to be the star of the meal, the creme brulee can turn into a complexly flavored main dish with leeks, serrano chilies and perhaps a dash of lemongrass and ginger.  These two simple savory creme brulee recipes provide a basic introduction that can then lead to future inspiration in the kitchen.

Cheesy Creme Brulee
Recipe from Eat Live Travel Write

Is there such a thing as a dish being too cheesy?  I think not.  This cheese creme brulee is simply divine.  Not only is the custard cooked with cheese but it's also used as a topping.  You can use your favorite melting cheese for this recipe including parmesan, cheddar or comte.

Corn Creme Brulee with Parmesan Crust
Recipe from Apron Strings

Corn creme brulee is a must-make five ingredient dish.  The luxurious custard falls somewhere between a corn pudding and cream corn.  The crispy parmesan topping provides a nice contrast in texture and flavor to the silky custard hiding under it.

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