Food News: U.S. Army Considers 3D Printed Food

July 22, 2014

3D Printers have caught the eye of the U.S. Army, and perhaps may be printing out the next generation of MRE's for the Nation's troops. For instance, Natural Machines has created a 3D food printer that uses fresh ingredients  and could be used to make anything from pizza to pastry, pasta to burgers. 

Imagine being able to print out a food that contains all the nutrients that an exhausted soldier may be missing? The site: Natural Machines, has created the Foodini, a 3D printer with a more reasonable price tag, making it a feasible purchase for restaurants and home chefs. 

The Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center is looking into the potential of 3D printed food. 

This burger and bun was created with the Foodini. It may not be exactly what the Army has in mind, but imagine being able to print this type of food anywhere. 

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