The Jessica Biel Diet

July 12, 2012

Jessica Biel has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood and she is finally revealing the diet that keeps her in such great shape. Biel recently told InStyle magazine that she is all about a clean diet with lots of vegetables. 

"When I'm working, I try to keep my diet really clean: loads of vegetables, lots of quinoa and grain protein, and some occasional animal protein," Biel said. "Fermented veggies and probiotics are also great for my skin and digestion. You can also buy shredded fermented vegetables at a health-food store and sprinkle them over a salad or even eggs in the morning. I also drink green tea, and I slip in veggies like beets and zucchini into cakes and fudge." 

Biel's workouts vary day-to-day, depending on her mood. She'll hike, go to yoga classes, run on a treadmill or go swimming. 

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