How to Make Gluten-Free Quinoa Tortillas

August 16, 2014

Quinoa tortillas are a great gluten-free alternative to flour tortillas.  Not only are they great with Mexican food, but work well to make wraps, tortillas chips, an other delicious dishes.  Quinoa flour may be difficult to find depending on where you live.  If it's unavailable, you can always purchase it online or make it yourself from the seeds.  

For homemade quinoa flour, toast a cup of quinoa in a skillet until you hear a popping sound, about five minutes.  Let the quinoa continue to toast for a minute or two after this signal.  Pour the quinoa into a bowl and allow it to cool before processing.  Place the quinoa in a food processor or a high powered blender and let it rip.  After a few minutes, the seeds should be ground into a fine flour.  Quinoa has a natural bitter coating so It's important to use the pre-rinsed version for this recipe.  

It's important to note that quinoa flour is not a 1:1 substitute for all purpose flour (wheat flour) but can be added to wheatless flour blends for gluten-free baking.


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