5 Delicously Quick and Easy Soaked Oat Recipes

September 7, 2014

A quick and easy breakfast is a great way to make sure you always have time for the most important meal of the day. Make these soaked oats recipes the night before, and enjoy a hearty, delicious treat in the morning. 

The idea of soaking oats to create a more digestible version of the classic oatmeal, has become increasingly popular in the food world. The beauty of the basic recipe, is you can add just about anything for flavoring, and the end results will only become better and better. 

Soaking the raw oats makes them better for your body, while preparing breakfast the night before means you are more apt to take care of  yourself in the morning. A basic recipe for soaked oats is as follows: 

Soaked Oat Porridge

Serves 2 

In a large bowl, combine the following ingredients: 

2/3 cup raw oats

2/3 cup liquid-anything from juice to dairy or alternative milks. We are fond of coconut milk

6 ounces plain Greek yogurt

1 Tablespoon chia seeds (optional but recommended)

After soaking your oats, covered, for 12 hours, add your choice of flavorings. We suggest: 

Maple syrup to taste


diced raw apple



pumpkin pie spice

dried fruit




Really, anything that sounds tasty would work well here. For the kids, I often mix up the maple/cinnamon variety and then serve with apple slices that they scoop out the porridge with. A fun breakfast and very hearty. 

Here are some other beautiful ideas for soaked oats. All of them are lovely and sound wonderful. 

Blueberry Sunflower Butter Soaked Oats

From Katheats

This sweet breakfast is a glamorous blend of blueberries and sunflower butter. The bananas and cinnamon make it feel like oatmeal and the blueberries make us think of dessert. A win-win on the breakfast table. 


Make Ahead Soaked Chia Oats

From Jellibeanjournals

The Chia adds a super creamy mouth feel to this already awesome recipe. Quick and easy, you will find yourself reaching for this simple, hearty breakfast all the time.

Strawberry Almond Muesli

From Sweet Green

Just saying the word Muesli sounds healthy. This pretty recipe is loaded with the flavors you love. Strawberries and almond milk flavor the oatmeal, while slivered almonds give it a nice crunch. We want to eat this every day. 


Mulberry Soaked Oat Porridge

From NutritionStripped

Mulberries give this porridge a rich, purple hue and very sweet taste. No mulberries locally? How about substituting raspberries? What a stunning breakfast! 

Orchard Bircher Muesli

From Happy Hearted Kitchen

So pretty and just so good, this is a hearty version of the breakfast that your kids will love and you will crave. Check out this one! 

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