4 Amazing Autumn Apple Desserts

September 15, 2014

It's apple season and you know what that means - apple pies, apple tarts, applesauce, apple crumbles and so many more delicious apple desserts.  The secret to a truly delicious apple dessert is of course using really great apples.  If you and the family have an opportunity to get out to the apple orchard to do some picking, you'll be able to taste the difference between store bought apples and fruit picked straight off the tree. These apple recipes are slightly unconventional but still tasty in their own right.  Some have caramel, some have sour cream but all of them are amazing.

Caramel Apple Shortbread
Recipe from The Kitchen McCabe

This caramel apple shortbread is simply divine.  A buttery shortbread crust is topped with a decadent caramel apple filling followed by more shortbread crust crumbs.  You really have to make this caramel sauce yourself instead of buying the jarred stuff because when the apple hits the pans, it's juices meld with the nut brown sugar syrup to create something wonderful.

Apple Crisp Bars
Recipe from Whole and Heavenly Oven

These grab and go apple crisp bars are a perfect treat to pack in your child's lunchbox.  These bars are made on the healthier side by substituting all purpose flour with whole wheat flour and coconut sugar instead of granulated sugar.  What really sets these bars apart form store bought apple snacks is the dynamite streusel topping.  The oats, coconut sugar, and cinnamon pair perfectly with the tart apples hiding underneath.

Sour Cream Apple Pie
Recipe from Taste and Tell

Sour cream apple pie is far from the traditional American classic.  A homemade pie crust holds a spiced sour cream mixture studded with fresh apples and topped with a cinnamon and brown sugar streusel.  Once you bake this amazing apple pie, you'll want to make it all season long.

Salted Caramel Apple Cups
Recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Salted caramel apple cups are a bite sized treat the whole family will love.  Your standard blondie batter is poured into muffin tins with a dollop of buttery apples and salted caramel sauce hiding in the middle.  A simple crumble topping conceals the apple so that the unsuspecting eater will be pleasantly surprised at their first bite.

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