Creamy Mac n' Cheese Chili and Other Heart Warming Chili Recipes to Welcome Fall

September 30, 2014

Chili is an iconic fall meal.  Whether it's because our taste buds crave a bowl filled with a hearty stew or the warm spices infused with the broth, chili and fall are a perfect duo.  The beauty of chili is that there are a ton of recipes to suit your preferences and dietary restrictions.  This means you can use ground beef, ground turkey, or no meat at all. Beans or no beans. Tomato sauce or broth.  The variations are truly endless.  Furthermore, most chilis can be made either in a soup pot on the stove or the slow cooker so depending on your schedule, a meal can be ready whenever you are.  These three chili recipes are just a peek at just how wonderful and different chili can be.

Crockpot White Bean Chili
Recipe from Host the Toast

The crockpot and chili were meant for each other.  A heart stew that cooks low and slow for several hours so that the end result This atypical chili is made with chicken breasts, white corn and cannellini beans.  Instead of the usual chili accouterments, this version is topped with creamy avocado, Monterey Jack cheese. and fresh chopped cilantro.  Crispy tortilla chips are ideal for dipping. 

Butternut Squash Chili and Beer
Recipe from Oh My Veggies

Some might say that if you're eating vegetarian chili, you're missing out.  I say try butternut squash and beer chili if you want to taste an unforgettable vegetarian meal.  The flavors of butternut squash, porter, cumin, black beans and more develop and get to know one another over time to create something delicious and totally worth making.  You can make this recipe in the crock pot over the stove top.

Creamy Mac n' Cheese Chili
Recipe from Baking with Blondie

Creamy mac n' cheese chili marries two of America's favorite comfort foods.  This low maintenance chili recipes is given a swirled surprise by adding  cavatappi pasta to the soup pot (although any short pasta will do).  Sharp cheddar cheese is melted on top of the chili just before serving.  You can certainly make a gluten-free version of this recipe by using brown rice or quinoa pasta instead.

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