Pecan Pie Martini and other Thanksgiving Drinks

November 12, 2014

When you are planning your Thanksgiving feast, don't forget the cocktails! Using the flavors of the season there are plenty of drink ideas that are perfect for celebrating. From pecan pie to cranberry margaritas, these will be the hit of your pre-holiday dinner. Enjoy! 

Chocolate Pecan Pie Martini

From I'm Bored-Let's Go

Not just for dessert, pecan pie makes a fantastic martini. Add a bit of chocolate and you have a must try cocktail that would start off your holiday celebration tastefully. 

Pumpkin Smoothie

From Just One Cookbook

Not all your cocktails have to be boozy. This one is full of all the pumpkin flavors and you can consider it quite healthy as well. What a festive drink that even the little chefs can enjoy. 

Vodka Persimmon Cocktail

From One Martini

A stunning looker, this Spiced Diospyros is a true fall treat. Spicy with fall flavors and piquant persimmon, this is a show stopper. Once you fall in love with this one, be sure to check out the Persimmon Rum Spritzer that is included in the blog post. 

Strawberry, Guava Paste and Rosemary Shots

From The Amazing Flavours of Brazil

Check out how beautiful these shots are! We think they will warm up your guests and bring some fun to the party. A lovely combination of sweet, tart and heady flavor of rosemary, it packs a punch and goes down ever so smoothly. 

Cranberry Apple Margarita

From My Sequined Life

Cranberries and Apples make this a seasonal drink that will bring on the festivities. So tart and bright, this is a tasty start to a holiday celebration.



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