Christmas Naughty Coal and Other Secrets Holiday Recipes

December 7, 2014

There are certain recipes that just by hearing the name, you know it's the holiday season. For some reason, everyone knows about them, but no one seems to know how to actually make them at home. This problem is one that we at Foodista LOVE to take on. Who else but we recipe obsessed folk could track down how to make naughty coal for your family's stockings? Did you even know that you could make this tasty confection at home? How about mulled wine? Yes, we all love the romantic sound of it, but make it? Even the mysterious Bacon Jam. Who wouldn't want to slather some of that bacon goodness onto a scone while the kids tear the wrapping off their new toy? Exactly. 

Christmas Naughty Coal

From Life With Jane

Give the gift that will evoke plenty of laughter(unless the gifted is truly guilty) this Christmas, by making some of this black as coal, crunchy confection. We always thought Santa was the only one who could get some of this. Now we know better. 

Christmas Mulled Wine

From Simply Happenstance

Romance in a glass, mulled wine is a staple in any historical fiction novel that is lucky enough to include cold weather, fireplaces, and plenty of fur robes. We can at least enjoy two of those things with our own version of this delicious holiday drink. 

English Christmas Cake

From Sweet Sour Savory

How much more Charles Dickens can you get than this classic dessert? We aren't quite sure that the beautiful frosting and sugared cranberries are accurate, but they are perfectly welcome in this version. Check this one out! 

Hanukkah Jelly Cookie Recipe

From Living Sweet Moments

This Jewish holiday staple is lovely and delicious. You must make some of these pretty Hanukkah cookies. They are so tender and buttery, that they melt in your mouth. 

Caramelized Sweet Onion Bacon Jam

From A Second Bite

You may not be able to actually gift this delight. Caramelized Sweet Onion and Bacon Jam tastes so good, there may never be enough extra to share. Don't say we didn't warn you!





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