Grilled Cheese and Casa Noble Tequila???

December 11, 2014

I just love grilled cheese sandwiches.  Please indulge me for a moment while I describe to you my thoughts on this truly delicious sandwich.  The first necessity of any decent grilled cheese sandwich is the bread.  I like mine on rye bread.  There is something about the sour smack of the grains when combined with a good French cheese like Gruyere the makes my mouth wander along with my mind.

For illustration purposes however, the cheese shown here is Horizon American Cheese from the supermarket.  It's not your typical processed cheese food, (love that term) but what it is- becomes a necessity for this illustration.

You see, I am passionate about Casa Noble Tequila.  And if it wasn't already crystal clear, one of the best combinations of flavors for tequila of this high level is, none other than cheese!

Say it isn't so?

Yes, fair readers.  I like to combine sour, seeded rye bread with good creamery butter, lightly seared in the cast iron pan and then melted cheese becomes the foil.

No, not tin foil, that is not my intention. 

The intention is the melting of the cheese.  Tequila in the Reposado style works perfectly well with rye bread.  The oak aging (in French White Oak) is elegant when small bites (or more ravenous ones) are taken into account.

I say eat as you please. 

The French Cheese Association in New York City would shudder at the thought of American (style) cheese being used with Tequila.  I'm sure they'd suggest any number of fine Burgundian cheeses to slather between crusty slabs of country bread.

But I hadn't been to the market yet.. All I have in the larder is Cheddar and this Horizon cheese..

The Casa Noble Tequila is very forgiving.

You don't have to do much to it either.  I suggest sipping it neat out of a crystal glass.

Relax.  There is no rush.  Lunch is just around the corner.  Heat that cast iron pan, make the bread nice and crusty in the dry pan.. add a bit of butter- go ahead! Put some (French) cheese on the bread, cover with the other (buttered) slice of bread...Press with a sandwich iron until the cheese melts out.  That's when the sandwich is ready.  The Casa Noble will be waiting for you.  Sip, bite, sip, bite. 

Life's good, huh?