Keep Your Resolution With These Healthy Smoothies

January 2, 2015

If you wake up with a little after-holiday guilt from all that eggnog, how about taking a couple of weeks and eat as healthy as possible to get back on track? We like the idea of grabbing a smoothie to start the day. They are packed with nutrition and always taste so great that you never feel like you are are missing out on a single bit of flavor. 

Recipes for smoothies are endless, but these are all particularly unique in flavor. Bright greens and deep purples, golden goodness and chocolaty browns, all have been made into power packed glasses of creamy goodness. You are going to love each of these! 

Detox Carrot Drink

From Lauren Kelly Nutrition

Blueberry Beauty Smoothie

From Family Fresh Cooking


Super Green Protein Smoothie

From Making Thyme For Health

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

From The Healthy Family and Home

Cinnamon Persimmons Banana Smoothie

From Living Better Together

Holiday Detox Mean Green Smoothie

From Half Baked Harvest

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