STROH RUM! PICKETT'S! Ice Storm Cocktail!

February 2, 2015

I love a fresh snowfall.  The reason?  Fresh snow means fresh ingredients in my cocktails.  One such cocktail is aptly named the ice storm because that's what we are having here in NJ today.

The very words ice storm strikes fear into most people.  They think out of control driving and danger!  That's what an ice storm is!

But in reality, I have created an ice storm in a glass.  In this case the storm is none other than Stroh 80' Rum.  80 meaning 80%, not 80 Proof.

80% is 160 Proof.  Those Austrians know how to party!

I also used a marvelous product from Brooklyn named Pickett's American Craft Ginger Beer in this cocktail.  Pickett's makes this concentrated syrup for soda and for cocktail use, and... as the cocktail whisperer, I know a bit about cocktails!

This version is "Hot and Spicy" and it leads me to believe that someone at Pickett's loves potent flavors.  Mix some Stroh Rum (from Austria) with Pickett's (from Brooklyn) and you have magic.  Combine some fresh ice and a splash of Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and you have a dance named:

The Ice Storm Cocktail


2 oz. Stroh 80%

2 oz. Pickett's Hot N' Spicy Ginger Beer "All Natural" Concentrated Syrup

1 oz. Seltzer Water

3 drops Bitter End Thai Bitters



Fill a cocktail glass with ice and snow

Add the Stroh 80% Rum

Add the Pickett's Ginger Beer Syrup (Use the Hot and Spicy one!)

Top with a splash of sparkling water

Drip 3 drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters over the top

Finger Stir and enjoy!


Tasting notes for Pickett's...  This is authentic stuff, tastes like the ginger was just crushed to order... the sugar element is woven into the background... gorgeous... spicy.. aromatic.

Tasting notes for Stroh Rum... What can I say.. Butterscotch Lifesaver Candy threaded with Caribbean spices and a charming finish that goes on and on... Take heed though.. 80 % is 160 Proof.. use it as a float in a Rum Punch or with fresh ice and snow!