Beef and Broccoli and Other Chinese Take Out Favorites

February 27, 2015

Chinese take-out is an easy dinner option when your to-do list is full.  Spend your money on groceries instead of restaurants and learn how to make these favorite Chinese American dishes at home.

Egg Drop Soup
Recipe from John Varghese

Egg drop soup is a staple on Chinese restaurant menus.  This recipe shows you how to create the silky ribbons of egg throughout the soup.  

Baked Egg Rolls
Recipe from Thirsty for Tea

Egg rolls are an indulgent appetizer but this baked version allows you to enjoy them without the guilt.

Orange Chicken
Recipe from Damn Delicious

Orange chicken has everything you could ever want in a chicken dish.  It's crispy, sweet, a little tart and pairs perfectly with white rice. You might ask yourself, "why would I make orange chicken myself when I can buy it?"  The answer is simple, economics.  It's cheaper to feed you family a home cooked meal (not to mention healthier) as opposed to one prepared at a restaurant.

Kung Pao Chicken
Photo Credit: avlxyz

There are two things that make a delicious kung pao chicken: roasted peanuts and chili sauce. This recipe has both. Instead of spending money on take-out, heat up the wok and cook this dynamite dish at home. Serve your kung pao chicken with plenty of steamed rice.

Beef and Broccoli
Recipe from Honest and Tasty

This beef and broccoli recipe will make you want to keep coming back for second and third helpings, it is that good.  Flank steak is a quick cooking meat that is great for this kind of application.  If you have the time, try marinating the meat for an hour or so before it hits the wok.

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