Meat Lovers Barbecue Bacon Sushi Roll

March 1, 2015

Although delicious, raw fish is not everyone's cup of tea.  This barbecue bacon sushi roll was created with meat lovers in mind.  Raw strips of bacon are laid out on a bamboo mat and topped with a thin layer of seasoned ground beef.  Before rolling, emmental cheese is placed in the middle of the mixture.  These rolls are cooked over indirect heat so a charcoal grill would be ideal for this application.  The bacon rolls are basted with barbecue sauce while on the grill so that each bite absorbs that sweet smoky flavor.  For the finishing touch, the cooked rolls are topped with crushed tortilla chips and French fried onion strings.  This innovative recipe could be the gateway to some fantastic meat rolls.

Barbecue Bacon Sushi Roll
Recipe from Cook with Meat


12 Slices of Bacon
500 grams Minced beef
2 Sticks of Emmental-type cheese
BBQ sauce
Pickled jalapenos
Roasted onions
Crumbled nachos

For full recipe instructions, watch the video below or click here.

*It should be noted that while this recipe contains the word "sushi," there is actually no fish in the dish.

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