Easter Bunny Peekaboo Pound Cake

March 18, 2015

Pound cake is an old fashioned dessert that got it's name from the traditional ingredients: 1 pound of butter, 1 pound of sugar, and 1 pound of flour. It was simple to make and even easier to eat. It's rich and sweet and makes the perfect foil for fresh berries and whipped cream. A true spring dessert, this is one for your recipe files. 

Now, you know that pound cake is just what you need for the best Easter dessert. How about an artistic flair added, that creates our favorite bunny inside every slice? Isn't this cool? 

Easter Bunny Peekaboo Pound Cake

From Bear Foot Baker

Here is a basic pound cake recipe that we found on YouTube. It has a couple of extra ingredients, but it's pure deliciousness! Just like Grandma's. 

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