Anthony Bourdain and Klaus the Soused Gnome: An Interview...

March 19, 2015

Last week, before all broke lose with travel and circumstance, Klaus had the opportunity to get into NYC.  He was there for the American Craft Council Awards Ceremony.  It was a well attended event held in the private dining room at Le Bernadin Privee in NYC.

Klaus felt right at home.

You see, even though Klaus has little ceramic lips, he still knows amazing Scotch Whisky.  And one of his favorite brands is named Balvenie.  Balvenie is just gorgeous whisky according to my little terra cotta friend.  He knows these things. 

I'm sure Anthony Bourdain has been asked many things... But holding Klaus would have been the first.  Which he did not, but that's ok, Klaus understands.  He's good that way. 

Klaus is usually partial to Rye Whiskey, but Balvenie does touch notes of understanding and personality into Klaus's food.  He loves German food because that is his heritage.  He is, after all is said and done, a German Drinking Gnome. 

Balvenie and Klaus, perfect together.  He was especially fond of the Caribbean Cask... Salubrious rum casks cradling mere drops of the Balvenie whisky.  Now that is living...  Right Klaus?


Four Questions with Anthony Bourdain.  Thank you.

1. What is your favorite way to drink Whisky?  Do you ever mix it? If so, how?
I admit to heretical behavior. If a Scotsman is not watching, I will put ONE rock in my drink.
2. When did you have really good Whisky for the first time?  Why was it memorable?
Glasgow. A pub. A single malt. It's the sort of thing you remember. Like driving a Ferrari for the first time after life in a Pinto.
3.  What is your favorite thing to eat when you’re enjoying single malt Scotch?
Wild game. A nicely aged grouse. Wild hare. Pheasant. All good.
4.  Have you ever cooked with whiskey?  What did you make?  (I have an oatmeal recipe in my book, Whiskey Cocktails that has whisky in the steel cut oats)
When I visited the metal casting shop Borough Furnace in Syracuse, NY – who I interviewed as part of the Raw Craft series – I could not resist attempting to cook steak au poivre for founders Josh and Liz.  I used one of their hand-crafted cast iron skillets and their furnace equipment to make this dish.  And, ordinarily you use a good brandy, but for good measure added The Balvenie this time around.


Thank you again to Anthony Bourdain for allowing me the honor of an interview with you sir.