Family Friendly Summer Beverages

May 24, 2015

Cool and fruity, or creamy and rich, summer sippers can be both tasty and family friendly. We think that they add something special to any party, or even just a fun way to end a summer evening. Using seasonal fruits and herbs, whip up a batch of these tasty drinks and pass them around. They are a great way to keep everyone hydrated and always taste perfect! 

There is nothing stopping you from putting a little zing into some of these drinks and making them for the grown ups. But for the rest of the days of summer, they are family friendly and certainly quench your thirst. Delicious! 

Watermelon Lemonade

From The Modern Housewife

Kumquat Orange Squash

From Keep Calm and Eat On

Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

From Jennifer Meyering

Sweet and Tart Blackberry Lemonade

From Superman Cooks

Perfect Lemonade

From 30 Pounds of Apples







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