Bacon Chili Dogs and Other Memorial Day Mains

May 25, 2015

If you are looking to add a twist to your traditional Memorial Day menu, we have got some great recipes that will add some zest to you table.

Grilled New York Strip Steak
Recipe from Boulder Locavore

While not out of the ordinary, a perfectly grilled steak is always a welcomed addition to any Memorial Day party.  The secret is to start with room temperature meat and season the meat very simply with salt and pepper.  Once you have mastered this cooking technique, you will never disappointed with your meat.

Tofu Burgers
Photo Credit: Asiatic League

These tofu burgers will please vegetarians at your annual Memorial Day cookout.  Tofu is mixed with miso and sauteed vegetables and then formed into patties.  These burgers are broiled in the oven instead of being cooked on the grill.  You can top your burgers with the traditional condiments or go the Asian route and pair your tofu burgers with hoisin sauce. 

Thai Chicken Satay Burger
Recipe from Food Wishes

If you are looking for a burger that veers off the beaten path, I suggest the chicken satay burger.  Memorial Day marks the beginning of grilling season and you should christen the barbecue with this amazing burger.  The homemade chicken patty is seasoned with coconut milk, chili sauce, garlic, cumin and more.  They are served on a soft bun with peanut sauce and crunchy carrot and cucumber sauce.

Grilled Double Cut Pork Chop
Recipe from Mother's BBQ

Thick and juicy double cut pork chops should be reserved for special occasions.  Not only do you have double the meat but also double the fat which means they have double the flavor.  The chops are soak in achiote paste which is a Mexican seasoning blend made with annatto seed, Mexican oregano, cumin, cloves, cinnamon and more.  It is a one stop shop flavoring agent that makes these chops absolutely delicious.  Top the grilled pork chops with your favorite fruit relish.

Bacon Wrapped Chili Dogs
Recipe from Is This Really My Life?

No one can resist a goof chili dog, especially when it is wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese.  This guaranteed crowd pleaser is a must-make for Memorial Day.  Eaters will be coming back for seconds and maybe even thirds.

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