Peach Rosemary and Brie Tartlets

July 28, 2015

Juicy peaches pair so well with the herbaceous rosemary and creamy Brie that we had to share this lovely summer recipe from My Bottomless Boyfriend. The crispy, light puff pastry makes the perfect base for this simple seasonal fare. 

What I(Amy) love about this type of recipe, is that once I make it, my imagination takes over and I can change up the ingredients to make it not only my own signature dish, but also use what I have available. That is the key to seasonal cooking. If you make your meals based on what is available, instead of buying specific ingredients to make a recipe, you will find that your food budget lasts longer and your meals are always more interesting. 

If you are shopping for your fresh foods at the farmer's market, try walking through the market and just buying whatever looks appealing. The market vendor will usually offer suggestions for preparation. 

Here are some other tarts that might give you some ideas: 

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