The Secret To Summertime Eating

August 7, 2015

Summertime is not only the most beautiful season, it is also the most colorful and delicious time of year for anyone who enjoys a vibrant meal. Gardens and farmer's markets are bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables. What better time to start playing around with recipes to find endless ways for healthy eating?

As a farmer, here is how we enjoy all the foods of summer, it's our farm's secret to summertime eating.

Every day I walk the gardens morning and evening. In the morning I make note of what is ready to harvest and think about how to prepare it for the family meal that evening. So, when it is time to start cooking, I know just what to do with the assorted food that are ready.

My summer recipes are based on anything that I can pick, so it's never the same dish twice. What I do know, is that I will be sautéing greens of some sort (beets, kale, chard, turnip), and adding a bowl of seasonal fruits and perhaps a stir fry. Everything is prepared as simply as possible and served right away. It's a simple secret, but one that keeps my family eating healthy. They don't even realize how good they have it!

If you don't have a garden of your own, your local farmer's market is the place to be. To think creatively, go as often as you can, to get to know the vendors. Usually, they are the ones growing all the produce and like me, know just how to prepare it simply and easily. Also, going regularly, you start to see the changing of the seasons as the foods become available. It's a beautiful thing. I found this gorgeous spicy fruit salad recipe from Minimalist Baker. It's fresh, sweet and has a spicy kick to keep things interesting. Check it out! 

Do you need more convincing? Here you go! 

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