Bodacious Breakfast Cookies

September 7, 2015

We start our homeschool year tomorrow, and that means mealtime has to be far more organized. I love creating recipes and diddling around in the kitchen, but when my wasting time means my kids are running amok, we would never get through all our lessons.

So back to school means menus and planning. One of my favorite breakfasts for the kids is a big, fat breakfast cookie. I know, the word cookie seems wrong for a meal, but these are actually pretty healthy and filling, while pretending to be a dessert so the kids will accept them. See how that works?
Think of them as big, soft granola bars in a handy shape. No more crumbling apart at every bite, and your kids will eat these for sure.

Check out some of the recipes for tasty breakfast cookies on Foodista!
Breakfast in a Cookie
breakfast cookie

Breakfast Blueberry Oatmeal Cookie
blueberry breakfast cookie

Healthy Breakfast Cookie
Healthy Breakfast Cookie

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