Kid Friendly Meatless Recipes For Lent

February 8, 2016

Finding recipes that are kid friendly can be a challenge, especially when you need them meatless and appropriate for Lent. Thinking about those parameters, we wanted to find a list of recipes that were kid approved and easy enough for those busy nights when you just don't have any extra time. We hope some of these delicious items fit the bill. We know your kids are going to love them all. 

Family Friendly Tuna Burgers

Nothing is appreciated more by my little chefs than a quick and easy meal they can eat with their hands. These tuna burgers are so delicious! They are moist and full of flavor, and taste even better if you make them ahead of time before cooking. Perfect. 

Vegetable Cheddar Quiche

Quiche is a go to dish in our family. I love to make them with whatever veggies are in the fridge, and the kids don't mind eating those veggies in small doses. The eggs and cheese make this a filling meal, perfect for Lent. It's great hot and room temperature, so I often double it and make one just for lunch the next day. 

Classic Tuna Casserole

This classic from everyone's childhood is easy to make and will disappear in a jiffy, once your little chefs taste the creamy goodness. It's even better the next day! 

Potato Broccoli Soup

Creamy and filling, this delightful soup will be well loved by all your little chefs. It's simple to make and very nourishing. Try serving it with soft dinner rolls, and  you will satisfy the family in a flash. 


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