Celebrity Chefs Release 360 Videos of Restaurant Kitchens on Facebook

June 8, 2016

Celebrity chefs like Wolgang Puck and Gordon Ramsy have partnered with Facebook to release exclusive 360 footage of their restaurant kitchens.  Immersive entertainment studio, Surreal TV, has utilized video imaging technology to create an innovative and engaging clip that allows viewers to be apart of the experience they are watching unfold on screen.  The 360 video offers a unique view into the culinary world and restaurant life.  The videos below of Ramsey and Puck sharing an exclusive tour of their restaurant kitchens can be seen of Facebook or right here on Foodista.  In Puck's video, he provides viewers an exclusive look into his Beverly Hills steakhouse CUT.  Similarly, Ramsey and his daughter Tilly share a recipe for a full English Breakfast.  These video are best watched on a mobile device.

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