Refreshing Kiwi Mint Infused Water

June 24, 2016

During the summer, we drink a lot of extra water to make up for the exercise and outdoor time we take part in. It can be difficult to refill that glass for the 10th time when drinking plain water, so the solution is infusing it with healthy flavor! 

Cut up your favorite fruits and juicy veggies, and place them into a pitcher of water. Allow the water to infuse for a few hours (we do this the night before and it's cold and perfectly flavored by morning.) Some favorite combinations we enjoy are: 

Cucumber mint

Lemon lime

Strawberry lemon

Blueberry mint

Melon ginger

There are endless others to try and you can't really make a mistake. Check out this kiwi mint infused water recipe that was submitted by Foodista contributor; Julia. Fresh and bright, this water is so tasty any time of day. 

Kiwi Mint Infused Water



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