These Mocktail Recipes Will Make Your Dry January a Celebration

January 20, 2021

When Christmas and New Year’s are over, and everyone’s drunk all the champagne and spiked eggnog, many people decide to take a break from alcohol. For the first month of the year, people everywhere observe Dry January and avoid booze for 31 straight days.

If you’ve decided to take part in the challenge this year, you may be struggling to find something to drink other than coffee and water. Luckily, there are hundreds of festive mocktails you can make and enjoy at home. With the following recipes in hand, you may not even miss the alcohol.

Cranberry Mimosa Mocktail

Orange Cranberry Mimosa from Rhubarbarians

Whether you’re taking an early lunch or heading out to breakfast with your friends, mimosas make for easy sipping and are the perfect midday beverage. However, you don’t need champagne to enjoy this drink. Mix some orange juice, cranberry juice, sparkling apple cider, and cinnamon. Then, sugar the rim, add your garnishes, pour and sip away! This mocktail beats a plain old mimosa any day.

candy cane martini mocktail

Candy Cane Martini from This Vivacious Life

This creamy, dreamy martini doesn’t fit in your New Year’s diet but, if you’re looking for a sweet treat, this drink is worth the calories. Coat the rim of your glass in simple syrup and roll them through some crushed candy canes. Then, shake your ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve. Want to put some pep in your step? Add more peppermint to the rim or a few more drops of oil.

Holiday Mule Mocktail

Holiday Mule from Allrecipes

If you’re a fan of Moscow mules, you’re going to love this holiday rendition. Instead of lime, you’ll add a cranberry shrub and, in place of vodka, you can pour in some club soda. This recipe also calls for a handful of different spices and two types of berries. After mixing the ingredients, you may serve them in highball glasses and add your festive garnishes.

Sangria Mocktail

Festive Sangria from Little Spice Jar

You’ll never even wonder where the wine went in this fizzy, festive sangria. Ginger ale, apple juice, pomegranate, and citrus fruits meld together to create a beverage bursting with flavor. After combining all the ingredients, place your pitcher in the fridge and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, your sangria might taste a bit weak. For the best flavor, let the sangria chill for three to four hours, then serve. 

Honey Roasted Pear Sparkling mocktail

Honey Roasted Pear Sparkling Mocktail from Cotter Crunch

This recipe will require a bit more work than the previous ones, but the end product will be more than worth the extra effort. First, roast the pears. Then, blend them in a food processor and let the puree chill before serving. Then, when you’re ready to pour a few glasses, all you have to do is add a few more ingredients and top with thyme, sage, or rosemary.

Frost Bite Mocktail

Frost Bite Mocktail from The Little Kitchen

If you’re looking for something more smooth, you can always make a frostbite mocktail. This delicious beverage is perfect for holiday parties and midday brunches. Plus, you only need six simple ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time. If you don’t want to pick blueberry bits out of your teeth, having a strainer on hand may be helpful too. Top with Sierra Mist and blueberries for a truly refreshing drink you can enjoy all month.

Mojito Mocktail

Holiday Pomegranate Mojito from The Spruce Eats

Dear mojito lovers, this is the virgin cocktail you’ve been looking for. Fresh mint leaves, pomegranate juice, lemonade, and lime wedges make the holiday pomegranate mojito a festive looking — and tasting — treat. Use a pre-made simple syrup to make these drinks in just a few minutes. Then, pour a few glasses and garnish with pomegranate seeds and mint sprigs for a truly refreshing spin on the classic mojito.

Appke Cider Mocktail

Apple Cider Mocktail from The Surfers Kitchen

Fall has come and gone, but apple cider is still a holiday favorite. Enjoy the crisp taste of autumn well into the new year with this festive mocktail. Grab a jug of quality apple cider and make some cinnamon sugar for the rum. Kombucha and orange juice will also come in handy and add a little kick to this drink. Garnish with apple slices, cinnamon sticks, or even caramel sauce for a more decadent experience.

Berry Mocktail

Sparkling Winter Berry Holiday Mocktail from The Busy Baker

This holiday mocktail is as beautiful as it is delicious. Your friends won’t even be able to tell there’s no alcohol in it. Plus, it’s probably even more flavorful and refreshing without the booze. Cranberry juice, strawberry syrup, apple juice, and sparkling water create a rosy drink that tastes light and bright. Top with fresh or frozen cranberries, blueberries, and strawberries, and don’t forget your sugar rim!

Off To a Good Start

If you’ve chosen to partake in Dry January, you’re off to a good start. Giving up alcohol for a month may be difficult, but it will help you put your best foot forward in 2021. It may even motivate you to keep that booze-free streak going. For now, just take things one day at a time and enjoy a few mocktails.