September 3, 2011

The more we mess with the food supply, the more we are messing with our health and leading to an...

August 31, 2011

Delicious Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherries...need I say more?

August 31, 2011
Ashley Tisdale's Got Milk Ad

Ashley Tisdale is the latest celebrity to star in the 'Got Milk' advertisements. The 26-...

August 26, 2011

"Hot Chocolate" had just met it's match! "Xocai Sipping Xocolate" is a...

August 25, 2011

A simple, yet delicious way to enjoy a warm cup of "chocolate milk!"

August 23, 2011

Cold winter night...want to spice things up a little? Mayan Hot Chocolate with delicious "...

August 16, 2011
milk straws

Jazz up standard milk with these Milk Straws. Each straw is embedded with tiny flavor pods that...

July 27, 2011
Anke Domaske

Anke Domaske is a German biologist who is turning heads for her clothing made with sour milk....

July 21, 2011
harrison ford got milk

This Harrison Ford Got Milk ad is right on time for the upcoming premiere of the action star's...

July 9, 2011
toxic milk

Scientists from the University of Jaen, in Spain, have found that a single glass of commercial milk...

July 9, 2011

Try one of these delicious milkshakes cool off this summer.  Make sure you top them with...

May 28, 2011

Homemade version of Ferrero Raffaello's famous Coconut Candy Balls.

May 27, 2011

This recipe was one my mother gave me. It is fun to serve at parties or just have as a dessert to...

May 12, 2011

May 5, 2011

My grandmother's recipe for Swedish meatballs, including a rich gravy spiced with nutmeg.

April 30, 2011
Man in Cow Suit Robs Walmart of Milk

A man dressed in a cow costume crawled on all fours as he robbed a Stafford County, Virginia...