Question: about old milwaukee rye bread

July 13, 2010
i wana know about old milwaukee rye bread history for my portfolio that mean when it start to make and sell thankyou very much and i wana know how that bread get that name please some one will help me out


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have a look

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Milwaukee is, or once was, a populated by a lot of Eastern European immigrants, primarily Germans & Scandinavians. In their home countries, rye bread is familiar and popular. It would have been their comfort food, part of their culture and heritage brought with them. If you looked up a lot of the popular foods from that area, I bet you would find that the area is dominated with bakeries, dishes and restaurants that celebrate their heritage.

Try doing a "Milwaukee" search at the Splendid Table or Jane & Michael Stern's Roadfood site. They offer some helpful info, trivia and info that might be of value to you. If not listening to them talk about the area would be a great listen.