Blackberry Trouble

September 5, 2010

 I was at my local farmers market and bumped into a friend who informed me that there is going to be a bbq at The Compound tonight. (The Compound is the affectionate nickname for a row of rental homes and apartment buildings on 12th Avenue whose residents enjoy an abundance of eating, drinking, and socializing. Stop by; it's cool. Bring bubbles.) I volunteered to take care of dessert and bought all these blackberries. Naturally I am going to do a thorough perusing of Foodista, but I thought I would also use the blog to solicit advice. Here's what I know and my parameters: They are a bit tart and I would like a simple preparation so I can spend my time at The Compound chitty-chatting rather than slaving away in the kitchen. Help! Please leave your suggestions in the comments. (And I apologize if you thought this post was going to be about smart phones rather than fruit.) 



Amy's picture

FILO shells, sweet glaze for berries, top with whipping cream or meringue!

Jameson Fink's picture

Thanks for the suggestion and quick response, Amy! I am going to cook the blackberries with lime juice, fresh ginger, and honey until it is compote-esque. Then I will cool and serve over ice cream with some granola for crunchy contrast. Stop by!

Frederick's picture

Oh this Compound sounds so great. That is what I miss so much about living in Boston's famed South End neighborhood - the ad hoc random block parties popping up all over where everyone is always welcome.

We are trying to foster something similar in our new neighborhood here in Riverside (WalkScore: 97) but it is an uphill battle since generosity and openness isn't in the Florida DNA yet.

Good luck with the blackberries! I'd be stopping by with a couple chilled bottles of Nicolas Feuillatte which would play against your honey and ginger...

Amy's picture

Jameson, how did it turn out? Sounded yummy and I just happen to have fresh ginger in my fridge, will have to try today!

Jameson Fink's picture


You and the champers would have been a welcome addition. The dessert turned out fantastic; we enjoyed it while playing a riotous round of Apples to Apples.

Frederick's picture

Jameson - that does sound pretty cool! I was also thinking how great a Kir Royale would pair with that dessert.

In the old days in Boston back when I was single (queue the sad violin music) I would organize a huge Valentine's Day bash every year for all the other inexplicably single guys in the neighborhood and serve flights of 10-14 different champagnes along with exotically bizarre desserts like frozen raspberry soufflés, wine-poached pears with white chocolate and candied violets, and espresso brownies frosted with gold leaf.

Joseph's Grainery's picture

Probably a little late, but this is my favorite thing to do with fresh blackberries:

Jameson's picture

Oh man I am totally making cobbler next time! A simple recipe that results in a classic.

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