Technique: Mise En Place


A cooking technique that calls for all of the ingredients to be washed, cut, measured, and placed around the food preparation area, along with necessary tools and condiments, before any cooking starts. The term translates from French as "put in place." This method is very popular among professional chefs and increasingly with home cooks. It allows one to focus on combining and cooking foods with just the right technique and timing, rather than running around the kitchen retrieving ingredients.

The more ingredients and complicated the dish, the more important it is to use Mise en Place . In addition to French, cooking Chinese cuisine benefits greatly from the advanced preparation.


Other names: Mis En Place
Translations: Mise en vieta, Mise en place, Mise en Locul, Mise en Place, Mise en Place, Mise En प्लेस, Mise en Place, Mise En Плейс, Mise en place, ميز أون مكان, 1963 Mise 장소, Mise en place, Mise En Tempat, Mise En pook, 米斯恩广场, Mise en place, Mise en place, Mise en Place, Mise En מקום, Mise en Place, Мисе ен место, 下ごしらえ, Mise en Place, Mise en place, Mise en place, Mise En Плейс, Mise en paikka, Mise En Място



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Michael Long's picture

Mise en place, You gotta do it, or you'll be forgetting something, or mistaking sugar for salt etc....... So with that, You better take the time and do it. It's alot faster and safer in the long run.

Cathy Dellinger's picture

I totally agree with Michael. To some it may seem like it's easier to wing it, but those little bowls and measures make it all unfold as it should. It is what it is...mise en place.

Jared Lowry's picture

sugar doesnt smell and salt does easy tell that and they feel completely different but yes mise en place is everything especially in professional kitchens we spend more time prepping than cooking food.

liz's picture

As a high school culinary arts teacher it is essential to teach mis en place before the students even see the kitchen. Can you imagine 20 teenagers in the kitchen with equipment and knives and not structure to what they are doing? MISE EN PLACE!!! It's the beginning to the learning process of being a successful cook in my book!