5 Must Have Foods For A Hurricane

August 25, 2011

Batten down the hatches, folks! With a hurricane on it's way for an estimated 50 million Americans,a short list of 5 must have foods to assemble before the weather hits. 

When you are getting ready for bad weather, it is important to have foods that provide sustenance and comfort. You may not have power and/or water for a period of time, so cooking is probably not going to be easy. Having some things ready can provide a measure of peace while you wait out the storm. 

5 must have foods for a hurricane: 

Brownies or baked goods - Nothing brings comfort like fudgy chocolate. Make a batch while you are waiting for the storm to hit. Heck, make two batches.  

Canned goods - Trying to cook might be a problem for at least a few  hours, but if you have canned food (home canned or store bought) you can warm it up via a gas burner or camp stove, your grill can even work as a makeshift stove in a pinch. 

Crackers and cheese - No, you are not recreating a party, but crackers and cheese will provide not only delicious treat, but it can be at room temperature for a short period of time, safely. 

Something tasty to drink - Fill your containers with water before the storm hits, so you have water available while the  power is out. Plain and herbal tea both taste good at room temperature.

Not food but important - Something to do. When we lived in Montana, losing power for extended periods was commonplace. I used to read the Little House on The Prairie series to my kids, bay candle light. We still talk about those times. Now is the time to charge up your eReaders, get out the magazines and stack the chapter books. A deck of   cards and a simple board game will also help pass the time. 

Of course, there are basic emergency lists that you should be following. For more info on emergency preparedness, see the government's recommendations. 

Stay safe! 


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RJ Flamingo's picture

I would add cereal and those individual containers of shelf-stable milk, granola bars, dried fruit and/or fruit roll-ups, and other snacks (healthy & otherwise) that don't require refrigeration. You should also stock at least 1 gallon of water per person, per day for a minimum of 5 days (don't forget your pets!). Store everything in waterproof containers (if you can), and in an interior closet or bathroom with no windows - preferably one that's large enough for everyone to get into if it gets really bad.

Just sign me a voice of experience & veteran of several hurricanes. Stay safe, all!

Jacque's picture

Great response...sounds like you know what to do and have had the experience...alot of great ideas!!!

Mammamoose's picture

Just make sure the grill is still outside and not in a closed space. Edge of an open garage is ok, but never in the house or closed space. Yes, some people still accidentally kill themselves and their family by bringing it inside.

Sheil's picture

Fruit roll-ups are like eating sugar. My kids were 9 or 10 when those came out. Their dentist claimed he had kid patients that developed 8 or 9 cavities in 6 months after starting to eat fruit roll-ups.

Barbara's picture

Canned meat that does not need refrigeration comes in handy. Bread fro sanwiches, eggs. If you have a butane tank fill it and have handy. With a skillet on one of these burners you can cook many thinks, or a big pot for soup. We just pray all are safe thru Irene.

brook's picture

I always recommend beef jerkey and peanut butter. Peanut butter is delicious, doesnt need refrigerated, nutritious, and goes well with other foods.