Just Say NO to Monsanto Running the FDA

September 3, 2011

Many people are outraged by President Obama's decision to appoint Monsanto's super lobbyist, Michael Taylor, as the Food Czar of the FDA.

The new laws which give the FDA expanded powers, have already led to the arrest of Amish farmers and the shut down of a private buying club. Meanwhile, factory farms get away with more atrocities every day.

Please sign the petition to get rid of Michael Taylor, and protect family farms, so they can support their families and provide real food for their communities.


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vicki vansickle's picture

WE do NOT want Monsanto in the FDA!!!

Page Mac's picture

Obama has failed us miserably by appointing Michael Taylor. He will not get my vote again until Monsanto men are taken out of agricultural positions and the FDA

Deb's picture

The link to the petition is incorrect -- the correct link is: http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/sign/dump_monsanto_mike/

Deb's picture

The link to the petition is incorrect -- the correct link it: http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/sign/dump_monsanto_mike/

Brendan H's picture

If Obama is in bed with Monsanto who and what else would he do. He's an extreme let down. Big business and Washington together forever. Watch out.

Marc Cottrell's picture

As a resident of France, I find the enforcement of the ban on un-pasturised milk totally bizarre! We can buy it from a machine 24 hours a day, it's our choice.