Justin Bieber Meat Portrait

November 14, 2011

This Justin Bieber meat portrait is the latest piece of oddball edible fan art. It was created by Flickr user Tizerone ID and is comprised of several different kinds of ham.

If the Justin Bieber meat portrait doesn't quite please your palate, perhaps the Bieber-themed pancakes or cheese portrait will.

justin bieber meat

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Patrick Mullen's picture

Gag reflex reaction imminent. I can make it through the custard scene in Peter Jackson's Braindead, but this is just too much.

Kathrine's picture

Justin bieber is My creation / with My workers that normaly work at The Danish design School - i am The head chef Of The kichen at The Roskilde festival in Denmark -evry year we built things in food - proom cat - swan i bacon ect - i have prof with me and Justin Meat head !! Bacon bacon bacon - huuuu !! Xoxo Kathrine Ruus- Copenhagen - denmark