Albany Beauty Apple



Translations: Albany Grožio Apple, Albany đẹp của Apple, Albany salon Apple, Albany सौंदर्य एप्पल, Albany Beleza Apple, Олбани красоты Apple, Albany ομορφιάς Apple, ألباني الجمال أبل, 알바니 뷰티 애플, Albany Krása Apple, Albany Kecantikan Apple, Albany Pampaganda Apple, 奥尔巴尼美容苹果, Albany Bellesa Apple, Albany Krása Apple, אולבני יופי אפל, Олбани лепота јабука, アルバニー美容アップル, Albany Beauté Apple, Albany Belleza Apple, Олбані краси Apple, Олбани красота Apple

Physical Description

A red-skinned form of 'Gravenstein'

Colors: Red



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paul's picture

The photographer, here... these are Rome Beauty apples, not related to the Gravenstein variety, as far as I know...

Rome Beauties are great cooking apples, (sauce, pies and baking) but aren't really suited for eating out of hand, like the Gravenstein.

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they were photographed in Albany, CA, BTW…