Alfalfa Sprouts


The sprouted seeds of a flowering legume plant, that is widely cultivated for the manufacture of feed for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

Long considered to be of nutritive value for humans, Alfalfa Sprouts also appear to have curative qualities. Studies have shown that key components in these sprouts, help protect us from disease, are useful in fighting bad cholesterol and increasing bone density which helps fight against osteoporosis. Alfalfa sprouts are most often eaten in salads and sandwiches.

In recent years, the eating of these sprouts has been linked to many food borne illnesses, so it is recommended that they be kept at cool temperatures (40 F/ 4 C) and rinsed before eating. It is also suggested that sprouts of any kind are not to be eaten by those with compromised immune systems, such as hospital patients, or the very young or elderly, to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.


Translations: Lucerna kāposti, Liucernos daigai, Lucernă varză, Klice djetelina, Cỏ linh lăng sprouts, Kiełki lucerny, Alfalfa, अल्फला अंकुरित, Sprouts de alfalfa, Ростки люцерны, Μηδική λαχανάκια, براعم البرسيم, 자주 개 자리 콩나물, Alfalfa klíčků, Alpalpa Sprouts, 苜蓿芽, Brots d'alfals, Ohrovt Alfalfa, Alfalfa klíčkov, Germogli di erba medica, אלפלפה נבטים, Alfalfagroddar, Клице дјетелине, アルファルファもやし, Germes de luzerne, Alfalfasprossen, Lucernespirer, Alfalfa spirer, Brotes de alfalfa, Паростки люцерни, Sinimailanen Idut, Люцерна зеле



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