Broomtail Grouper


Broomtail Grouper, named for its jagged tail fin, is characterized by its overall light brown coloration, with elongated dark brown blotches on its face and sides, and can reache five feet in length and up to 100 pounds.


Translations: Broomtail grupētājs, Broomtail grupavimas, Broomtail Škarpina, Nhóm Broomtail, Broomtail ग्रूपर, Брумтейл Группировщик, Broomtail Σφυρίδα, Broomtail الهامور, Broomtail 그룹화, Broomtail Seskupení, Broomtail Kerapu, Broomtail lapulapong, 布鲁姆塔尔石斑鱼, Broomtail Mero, Broomtail Škarpina, Broomtail Zoskupenie, Broomtail מקבץ, Броомтаил Гроупер, ブルームテイルグルーパー, Broomtail Mero, Брумтейл Группіровщік, Broomtail Групиране



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