Broad Beans


Broad beans are an ancient favorite with evidence of cultivation from as early as 6,000 BC. Easy to grow, high in protein and rich in vitamin C they're still a must for today's vegetable plot.


Translations: Pupas, Pupos, Bob, Đậu rộng, Bób, Tuinbonen, व्यापक सेम, Favas, Бобы, Κουκιά, الفول, 확장 콩, Bobů, Broad beans, 蚕豆, Faves, Fižol Broad, Bôbov, Fave, שעועית רחבה, Bondbönor, Широко грах, ブロードビーンズ, Fèves, Saubohnen, Valskbønner, Bred Beans, Habas, Боби, Härkäpavut, Бакла



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