Meyer Lemon


Not long ago Meyer lemons were primarily a back yard fruit; today they are readily available online and at many farmers' markets. They have become the lemon of choice for many chefs due to their appealing orangey-color, less acid bite, and a thin sweet peel fabulous for grating and other candied uses. Rounder than traditional lemons and with a smooth skin, Meyer lemons are dandy in salad dressings, chiffon pies, lemon curd, cakes, seafood of all  kinds, and chicken dishes. Use wherever lemon is called for and taste before adding sugar as the Meyer juice is sweeter and may require less correction on the sour/acid end of the scale.


Translations: Meyer Λεμόνι, ماير الليمون, メイヤーレモン, Limun Meyer, Limone Meyer, מאיר לימון, Lemon Meyer, 레몬 마이어, Meyer नीबू, Лимон Мейера, Meyer Llimona, Лимон Мейєра, 迈尔柠檬, Меиер лимун, Meyer Limón, Майер Лимон

Physical Description

generaly smaller, rounder and has a smoother, and much thinner skin. The skin has an orangy glow or rosey look. Deffinatly a different yellow than a normal lemon.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: less acid and milder, sweeter than a regular lemon.
Substitutes: Lemon

Conserving and Storing

Meyer lemons are in season for a short time. The juice can be extracted and frozen for later use. I like to use ice cube trays or 1/4 cup containers then toss the frozen chunks in a zip type bag.

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