Shaoxing Wine

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Shaoxing wine is one of the most famous varieties of huangjiu , or traditional Chinese fermented wines from rice.


Translations: Shaoxing Vīns, Shaoxing Vynas, Shaoxing Vinului, Shaoxing Vino, Rượu Thiệu Hưng, Shaoxing wijn, Shaoxing शराब, Shaoxing Vinho, Вино Shaoxing, Shaoxing κρασί, شاوشينغ النبيذ, Shaoxing 와인, Схаокинг Вино, 绍兴酒, Vi Shaoxing, Shaoxing Vino, Shaoxing vino, Shaoxing יין, Shaoxing Vin, Shaoxing Anggur, 紹興酒, Shaoxing Vin, Shaoxing Wein, Shaoxing Vin, Vino Shaoxing, Вино Shaoxing, Shaoxing Viini, Шаоксинг Вино



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