Walleye Pikerel


The Walleye pickerel is a freshwater fish found in abundance in lakes and rivers all over Quebec, as well as in Scandinavia, England an Continental Europe.

It is part of the perch family and sometimes mistaken for the pike. It is a lean fish and can be prepared in many ways: oven baked, grilled, poached, steamed, sauteed and the fine fry


Other names: Yellow Pickerel, Pickerel
Translations: Nags Pikerel, ウォーライPikerel, العين رمادية فاتحة اللون Pikerel, Valkosilmäkuha Pikerel, Doré Pikerel, Staklasto Pikerel, Уоллай Pikerel, Razrokost Pikerel, Уоллай Pikerel, 沃莱Pikerel, Gös Pikerel, Sandart Pikerel, Разрокост Пикерел, Walley Pikerel, Перде Pikerel



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