Red Delicious Apple


Red Delicious is one of the most popular american apples. Good quality Red Delicious apples will be firm with smooth, clean skin and have a rich red color that is sometimes streaked lightly with yellow or with a yellow cheek. They have a strong sweet flavor.


Translations: Red Delicious μήλο, Red Delicious obuolių, التفاح الأحمر لذيذ, Red Apple Delicious, レッドデリシャス, Crvena jabuka ukusna, Red Apple Delicious, Apple Red Delicious, 레드 맛있는 애플, Red delicious Apple, लाल स्वादिष्ट सेब, Apple Red Delicious, 红苹果美味, Црвена јабука делишес, Xarxa Delicious Apple, Червена превъзходна ябълка



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